Diana Pilates


Here's what Diana's students have to say:

I have had many pilates reformer teachers and no one comes close to Diana. She is the most patient, the most pleasant, the most knowledgeable and the best I've ever worked with. I recommend her highly to anyone. I hope to work with her for many years to come. - Melinda

Diana's mat Pilates class has been excellent -- it's the first Pilates class I've stuck with for more than a few sessions! Diana's classes have a wonderful flow to them. She is very good at describing the correct alignment and movement for each exercise to achieve maximum benefit while avoiding strain or injury. I highly recommend her for both beginners and advanced students. - Donna

Diana is a wonderful Pilates reformer instructor. I am always looking forward to my class with her. She shows patience, consideration, knowledge along with kindness thats benefits everyone. I can absolutely recommend her class. - Elke

Diana is an expert Pilates reformer instructor. She offers depth and range of knowledge, a great variety of exercises, and close individual observation along with astute management of the class. She's an awesome teacher for seniors. - Nancy

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