Diana Pilates


I'm Diana, a Balanced Body certified instructor. Since my first reformer class I've loved Pilates for the way it helps me connect body and mind. I enjoy helping people at every fitness level unlock their movement potential, and feel confident in their own bodies.

Why do Pilates?

In the early 20th century, Joseph Pilates developed principles of an innovative and safe form of exercise that connects mind, body, and spirit.
Nowadays, we add more knowledge of biomechanics and anatomy to create a contemporary style that allows for more adaptable experiences. Pilates can be done on the machine (eg. reformer) as well as the mat. 

The benefits of Pilates include:
- Improved flexibility
- Strong and lean muscle tone
- Core strength
- Improved mood

Pilates great for all fitness levels and all ages. It's an effective form of exercise that supports a healthy lifestyle. 

About Diana

I started my Pilates journey when I found myself going to class every day. I loved how the exercises made me feel - calm, centered, and more aware of the mind-body connection. Pilates was stress relief for me, and helped me move with more ease. I completed two comprehensive teacher training programs, and became a Balanced Body certified instructor. I've found my passion for helping others experience the transformative qualities of movement. 

It's not required to be fit or flexible in order to do Pilates. Whether you are just beginning your fitness journey or competing in ultramarathons, Pilates can help you. I have experience working with runners, surfers, people who just want to be fit, first time Pilates clients, and people experiencing chronic back pain.

When I'm not teaching Pilates, I'm also a content strategist and researcher. I help large and small companies create, manage, and optimize their content. 


I am available for private pilates sessions and small group classes at Move With Studio in El Cerrito, CA. Send me a message if you have questions or to make an appointment.

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